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wide portfolio of dedicated products

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MEROBEL is a well known solutions supplier for Converting, Printing, Packaging Industries, as well as for Automation / Material Handling, Wire and Cable, and Test rigs.

MEROBEL offers a wide portfolio of dedicated products: high technology mechatronic components such as EMP Brakes & Clutches(ElectroMagnetic Particles), Web Tension Controllers and Electronics, various sensors and transducers for force and torque control.

MEROBEL’s deep experience in supplying all sectors of the industry allows its product ranges to meet any customer’s particular needs and to offer optimized solutions.

Worldwide oriented service

Service is not an option

MEROBEL engineering teams provide sizing, solution support and design recommendation.

Full comissionning service is available all over the world through a wide network of subsidiaries and agents located in Europe, Americas and Asia.

ln addition, MEROBEL service centers are ideal structures for OEMs Engineers local training on its high-tech products selection, settings, use and maintenance.

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Wide Portfolio of dedicated products


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